The Benefits of My Athletic Experience


My background as an Olympic style weightlifter as well as a Crossfitter have given me tremendous hands-on knowledge of the human body – how it works, how it works under stress as well as the numerous types of injuries that athletes face.

I have the book knowledge from my training as a registered nurse as well as a doctor of chiropractic but I feel that the most experience that I bring to my patients, is as an athlete myself. I’ve been an athlete for many decades. I have been an athlete since I’ve been a child and as my body has changed over the decades, I can relate to a young athlete as well as to a master level athlete.

Knowing how the body works; knowing the types of injuries; knowing how much chiropractic care can help with recovery and performance; to be able to bring that every day to my patients – I feel like I have an inside view of what they are going through.

Dr. Karyn Marshall

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