Effective Headache Relief

Many patients experience a dramatic reduction of headaches when their spine is aligned and pressure is taken off the nervous system. Chiropractic adjustments align the spine to allow proper nerve and muscle function which alleviates the symptoms of many types of headaches.

Can you described the different types of headaches people suffer from?

The more familiar types of headaches that people suffer from are tension headaches, migraine headaches, cluster headaches and other type of headaches that may be described as stabbing, caused by coughing, exertional and withdrawal type headaches.

What are some common causes of headache?

They differ for different people and different types of headaches but for the most part, people develop headaches due to stresses, physical or emotional stress, hormonal changes, physical stresses, genetics, things such as diets, mental abilities as far as depression goes. These are some of the common causes that can stimulate headaches.

Can a chiropractor help a patient find the underlying cause of their headache?

Yes, because one of the major components of these types of common headaches is what’s called an origin of pain and it’s called the cervicogenic headache. What that means basically is that all the structures of the neck, the muscles, the bones, the discs, the nerves and the blood vessels can cause pain that refer to the head which has been found to be a major component of people that deal with migraine headaches or cluster headaches or tension headaches. Yes, we could deal with these headaches types.

How does a chiropractic spinal adjustment help to alleviate headaches?

Through a proper exam and history. Chiropractic through a chiropractic adjustment to help the alignment of the cervical spine that will help the muscles, the nerves and the bones achieve better functions and help to alleviate the symptoms of these type of headaches.

Are there other natural ways to achieve headache relief?

Well a natural way is obviously coming to a chiropractor and getting adjusted to restore and take away the stress from the cervical spine which is natural. But we also stress in our office things that a patient can take control of whether it be their diet. Some common causes would be increasing caffeine, sugars, processed foods or gluten sensitivity.

We also recommend that they exercise which will help the patient keep moving and keep a better attitude. Then a common one that most people just overlook is a proper sleep. With proper rest, the body is able to regenerate and deal with a lot of stresses that they deal with during the day.

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