Exercise Promotes Strength During Healing

Recovering from a sports injury is a long process that involves healing the injury and rebuilding strength. Exercise will help to get the blood flowing to the injured area to help promote healing.

What are the different steps involved in recovering from a sports injury?

Dr. Karyn Marshall: I would categorize them into three areas: acute care, rehabilitative care and corrective care. In acute care, we would be looking at reducing pain, reducing inflammation and getting the process of healing beginning. Once that happens and we get more into the rehabilitative care, we would be starting to focus on rebuilding strength, rebuilding flexibility, trying to rehabilitate that injury. And then the third would be corrective care where we would start training that athlete to learn better movement patterns to prevent future injuries and to prevent that injury from coming back.

Are there certain basic exercises that people can do during an injury or illness that will help them heal faster?

Dr. Karyn Marshall: I would say there are a host of basic exercises that a person can do. I think they would have to be tailored to that individual and the extent of the injury and obviously, where that injury occurs. But as the healing process occurs, exercise will help to rehabilitate that exercise and to get blood in that area and to strengthen that area. So exercise in general during an injury will be beneficial as long as it’s the right kind of exercise at the right time for that person’s ability to do it.

Should cardiovascular exercise be included in the healing process?

Dr. Karyn Marshall: Absolutely. Again, as tolerated. But cardiovascular exercise will help to increase blood flow which will help get nutrients and blood into an injured area, which will help promote healing.

Will exercise help people emotionally as well as physically during an injury or illness?

Dr. Karyn Marshall: I would say of course. The endorphins that are released from exercise definitely will help somebody to feel better but I think also just knowing that even though they are injured, they can still do things that are positive for their bodies. I think emotionally that can be rewarding.

If patients exercise during the healing process, will they become stronger athletes?

Dr. Karyn Marshall: I would say yes. Again, it would be … Are they doing the right kinds of exercises? And the exercise would be designed to rehabilitate that area so if during that healing process they are doing the right exercises for that injury which is geared toward strengthening the muscles around that injury, then yes, they could become stronger athletes.

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