The Top 5 Tips to Prevent Sports Injuries

Proper Alignment: #1 is proper alignment through the chiropractic adjustment so that the neuromuscular system is working properly – nerves, joints, muscles. The is the key to preventing injury.

Warm Up and Cool Down: Warm up and cool down properly so your body acclimates for the activity and then after the activity do stretches or cool down techniques.

Good Form, Good Technique and Good Equipment: Make sure to use your body and your muscles and your joints the way that they are meant to be used and not stress out areas that should not be stressed out.

Rest, Diet and Positive Attitude: Proper recuperation, rest, diet and positive mental attitude are all important factors done outside of the workout that will help you perform better and prevent injuries during your workout.

Balanced Workout Program: A balanced workout program focusing on cardiovascular, strength, mobility, and flexibility. It should be a workout routine where you’re incorporating all of those factors so that you’re building all of the things and you don’t have a weakness in one that could potentially cause an injury.

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