Lila Strawberry Lipo Laser

“I have had this stomach bulge for about 10 years and just thought it was time to make a change. I have tried diets, tightening creams even starving myself but
nothing worked so that is why when I heard of the Strawberry LipoLaser NJ, I was very skeptical. After just a few weeks I started to notice that my pants fit better
and a skirt that I could never get on before could now slip on with ease. The most exciting moment to me was when I tried tucking in my shirt and I no longer
had a muffin top! It has been too long that I was not able to enjoy wearing a tucked in blouse and now I can again all because of The Strawberry!

– Judi Franco from 101.5 after using the Strawberry LipoLaser

Spinal Decompression

Spinal decompression Therapy is a FDA approved treatment that uses a special table and computer to help in the management of serious back and neck pain. This unique therapy is directed at relieving at pressure on structures that may be the source of your pain. Decompression Therapy gives you pain relief through the decompression of lumbar and cervical discs and joints that are unloading due to distraction and positioning. Decompression Therapy creates a controlled unloading of the vertebra to reduce disc pressure, thus increasing blood and nutrient exchange to help heal damaged discs naturally.

Spinal Decompression Therapy


Chiropractic care is an excellent tool in the rehabilitation of injuries to the spine and extremities…shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, and ankles.
The most central aspect of Chiropractic care is the adjustment. In addition, hands on manual therapies are excellent tools as well to aid in rehabilitation
and recovery. Deep tissue work, active release, facilitated stretching. However, most injuries are not “just” muscular. What Chiropractors do when they adjust
is address the neuromusculoskelatal aspect of the injury. They keep the body in balance. The nerves, the muscles and the joints are all involved.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy treatment is designed to help relieve various types of pain and improve muscle movement for increased mobility and strength.
Both patients and chiropractors appreciate the positive results from rehabilitative exercises in how they benefit a general chiropractic experience.

Rehabilitative exercises can vary quite drastically from patient to patient. Champion Health provides individualized care that
meets the needs and concerns of each patient. We focus on getting you back on track and to start doing the things that you love to do!


Sports Recovery & Performance

We offer fully customized treatment programs  and state of the art technology to help you recover quicker and stronger.
Our services will improve your sports performance, prevent future injuries and help you to achieve your goals!

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Spinal Decompression

By skillfully adjusting the spine’s vertebrae to their original natural position, you are able to function at your highest level and perform at your peak.

Family Chiropractic

Pain relief and complete wellness for the entire family. Families and individuals from all walks of life – from infants, children and teens to adults and seniors.

Headache Relief

Free yourself of migraines, cluster headaches, stress headaches, anxiety related headaches, cervicogenic (neck pain related) headaches & tension headaches.

Back Pain

By properly aligning and mobilizing the spine, we allow the discs to restore lost strength and flexibility thus decreasing pain and increasing function.

Pregnancy Chiropractic

We offer all natural treatments to help relieve the pressure & stress that can be placed on your back and pelvic area during pregnancy & childbirth.

Auto Accident

An auto accident can lead to a wide range of physical problems beyond the initial impact. Getting the proper treatment is to key to rapid and full recovery.

Physical Therapy

Rehabilitative exercises can vary from patient to patient. We provide comprehensive, individualized physical therapy that meets all of your needs.

Sports Injury

We offer personalized sports injury care. The treatment you undertake within the first day of injury can seriously impact the duration of your recovery.

Lipo Laser

Start losing weight in just 20 minutes! The Lila Strawberry Lipo Laser is a pain free non-invasive way to remove inches from your waist and fast!

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