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Dr. Karyn Marshall

My Journey Into Chiropractic

dr-karyn-weightlifting1How it all started:

My journey into the world of Chiropractic began during my Olympic weightlifting days. I had injured my back pretty badly doing heavy clean pulls. I could barely walk. I made a novice mistake and did not warm up enough and my body was still cold. I was freaking out. I had a National Championships in 2 weeks. I first went to an Orthopedist, who recommended resting it for 6 weeks. That was not an option. I then went to a weightlifting friend who was also a Chiropractor, Dr. Larry for the first time. He adjusted me a few times and I was then able to go on and win those Nationals!

Creating a Path

From then on, Chiropractic became an integral part of my performance and recovery regimen. I even went on to become a Chiropractor myself. It was a natural progression for me. I was a Registered Nurse getting my BS in Nursing from Columbia University in 1980. I had been lifting for 12 years when I decided to go back to school to become a Doctor of Chiropractor in 1990 at New York Chiropractic College. The combination of education and real life athletic experience has been invaluable to me in my practice.

Growing a Passion

My love has always been in fitness, health, nutrition and how to keep my body going as I pushed it to its limits. Chiropractic helped me treat injuries and prevent them by allowing my body to be at its best from a neuromusculoskelatal perspective. It helped me reach my full potential and not get injured in the process. So, whenI became a Chiropractor, I felt I had intimate knowledge of what an athlete goes through. Jokingly I say I have either had or seen just about any athletic injury out there.

dr-karyn-marshallI started CrossFit in 2010. It was the most exciting sport I’d done since my old days of weightlifting. I love it. I am pushing myself like the old days as well. I may not be making the same gains, but the thrill is the same. CrossFit has reminded me again of the importance of Chiropractic care as an athlete. When one pushes themselves the way CrossFit athletes do, one needs to recuperate. As my Soviet trained Weightlifting coach, Naum Kelmansky, would say, anyone can beat themselves up in the gym, but what separates them from an athlete is recuperation. What you do outside the gym is what counts even more. How much sleep you get, what you eat, what you do to recover…chiropractic, massage, mobility work, sauna, icebaths, relaxation. The list is extensive.

My Journey Into Chiropractic, Continued

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