Strawberry LipoLaser

LipoLaser – Lose Inches

The Strawberry LipoLaser is a pain free non-invasive way to remove inches from your waist. During your treatment we place laser paddles directly onto your skin, focusing on areas of the body you want to trim down. Cold red laser targets and shrinks fat cells creating pores in the cells and allows them to shrink and drain themselves of their content. The fluids then enter your lymphatic system and are processed in the same manner in which fatty foods are digested.

Strawberry_Cream_logo_cut_out-copyStrawberry LipoLaser NJ is the only provider
of the Strawberry LipoLaser in the greater Monmouth County area.

The procedure takes about twenty minutes and on average patients can expect to be thinner with every visit with noticeable results in 3-4 weeks. Target problem areas – stomach, thighs, butt, love handles & muffin tops.

No pain • No down time • FDA Approved


Watch our featured video of The Doctors TV as they check out how the Strawberry LipoLaser can reduce fat from thighs and other problem areas!

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