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Within two weeks of regularly getting adjusted I noticed a substantial improvement in my health. I started to feel more energetic and was able to focus my attention on more important things rather than on the pain and numbness I was experiencing. I thank Dr. Cronk and Dr. Marshall for always being genuinely caring, kind, and sensitive. Their care has helped me make my health a priority.

Deb S.

Within 3 weeks of being adjusted and receiving Spinal Decompression treatment I noticed a remarkable improvement. I was able to start exercising again and even completed a triathlon a few months later! I feel great and continue to get adjusted regularly to keep my body in the best health it possibly can be.

Laura S.

I have been going to Champion Chiropractic since 1997. I also worked there. I learned a lot about how chiropractic is good for your mind,body and soul. My children also are patients. My son since he was 2 and my daughter from the day she was born. I love the Drs…Dr. Karyn and Dr. Dennis. It’s a great place to go get adjusted!

Thepin Kneller Fabiano
- Facebook

I woke up crooked every day for 2 years until I met this awesome team. I will be a client for as long as I need and recommend them to anyone who needs chiropractic work.

Chris Mulvaney
- Facebook

Great caring people ! Very thorough & those lobby massage chairs help you unwind & relax !

Ray M Miller Jr.
- Facebook

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