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Dr. Karyn Marshall

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“I love seeing the joy it brings when I help people reach their health goals. And I’m here to help. We have a unique real-life perspective and offer personal and individualized care to all of our patients. We take the time to really understand our patient’s problems and help to solve them. If you’re unsure about chiropractic care, I’ll gladly show and explain everything we do, so that you can experience the benefits for yourself.”

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World Champion Weightlifter

Dr. Marshall is a world champion weightlifter and crossfitter. Inspired to become a chiropractor because of her own experience with chiropractic care, Dr. Marshall states, “Chiropractic care helped me stay healthy and perform at a world-class level.”

Registered Nurse and Chiropractor

Dr. Marshall graduated as a Valedictorian – Summa Cum Laude for her Doctor of Chiropractic from the New York Chiropractic College. Prior to that, she received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Columbia University.

With 20 years of experience in the chiropractic industry and continued education, she has also held numerous athletic achievements and public speaking achievements.

“I also continued my education in sports injuries and rehabilitation, nutrition, pediatric and pregnancy care.”

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Weightlifting Coach & CrossFit Trainer

dr-karyn-weightlifting1“I have been a world class athlete with world records and gold medals at Worlds and Nationals in women’s weightlifting. I also became involved in CrossFit as an athlete. I competed in the CrossFit Games with a 6th place finish.

I also am a weightlifting coach and CrossFit trainer. All of this background gives me the practical knowledge to support my education as a chiropractor and registered nurse to better help and understand the problems and conditions our patients face every day. I have faced those same problems at some point in my 36 year athletic career! We do CrossFit and actively participate in it to stay fit and to understand what our patients go through.

Dr. Marshall is also an articulate and motivational public speaker with several appearances on TV, radio and educational institutions. “In my talks, I discuss chiropractic, fitness, athletics, nutrition, relaxation and stretching, healthy backs, childhood obesity and natural health care.”

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Surviving Breast Cancer, Now Supporting Awareness and Volunteering

I have served as a volunteer for many years. I feel it is vitally important to give back to the community. I served as a volunteer board member for the New Hope Foundation. This organization helps to treat adults and adolescents with substance abuse problems. I further volunteered as a coach and mentor for the 6 A.M. Club for at risk girls. I also volunteered as a chiropractor after 9/11 at Ground Zero.

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011. This was another experience from which to learn more about myself and as a result, I spent the next several years learning how to come back from this devastating diagnosis. Fortunately, I am now a 2 year survivor. I also consider that this experience has enabled me to better help our patients. Today, I am active in doing fundraising for breast cancer awareness.”

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