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I Can Move My Neck In Ways I Wasn’t Able To Before

I started care with Champion Health in April 2019 and my main complaint was severe neck pain. I wasn’t able to drive or sleep through the night. When I started, my pain scale was at a10 but has significantly improved since beginning care. I can now rate my pain at around a 3! So in less than 6 months, I have seen a huge improvement and now I can move my neck in ways I wasn’t able to before. I am finding I am able to sleep a little more comfortably as well. I am thrilled that I began care here at Champion Health because now I am feeling great!

– Charleen D.

My Back Hasn’t Felt This Good in a Long Time

When someone does something right, I feel that I must let them know and I have to say that my back hasn’t felt this good in a long time.
My back is the most comfortable it’s been, thanks to the chiropractic adjustments here at Champion Health and Dr. Dennis.

– Bill N.

Pain and Numbness on the Left Side of my Body

Major Complaint: My husband, Bob, and I have enjoyed the excellent care of Dr. Cronk and Dr. Marshall for many years. However, recently I started experiencing pain and numbness on the left side of my body. The numbness traveled from my face to my shoulders, arms, lower back, and hips. It was interfering with my job and the stress that accompanied it needed to be addressed.

Affects on Quality of Life: Working became very difficult for me. While teaching, I often felt a severe lack of energy. Also, the discomfort and pain interfered with my ability to be focused and patient with my students. I knew Dr. Cronk and Dr. Marshall’s holistic approach to wellness was what I needed to gain control over my life again.

Results after Chiropractic Adjustments and Spinal Decompression Treatment at Champion Health: Within two weeks* of regularly getting adjusted I noticed a substantial improvement in my health. I started to feel more energetic and was able to focus my attention on more important things rather than on the pain and numbness I was experiencing. I thank Dr. Cronk and Dr. Marshall for always being genuinely caring, kind, and sensitive. Their care has helped me make my health a priority.*

– Deb S.

Lower Back Pain

Major Complaint: I have been to Chiropractors on and off my entire life for various complaints. The reason why I sought out Dr. Cronk and Dr. Marshall’s help was because I was experiencing severe lower back pain. After Dr. Cronk took x-rays of my lumbar spine I learned why I was in so much pain; I had bulging discs.

Affects on Quality of Life: The pain was so severe that I could no longer do the things I loved such as running and working out. Daily living activities such as laundry even became a struggle. My lower back pain was stopping me from living a happy, active lifestyle.

Results after Chiropractic Adjustments and Spinal Decompression Treatment at Champion Health: Within 3 weeks* of being adjusted and receiving Spinal Decompression treatment I noticed a remarkable improvement. I was able to start exercising again and even completed a triathlon a few months later! I feel great and continue to get adjusted regularly to keep my body in the best health it possibly can be.*

– Laura S.

This has been a tremendous positive change!

Major Complaint: I have some herniated discs that cause me constant pain daily.

Affects on Quality of Life: I am a Yoga instructor and this condition has made teaching very challenging to say the least. I am not able to continue my own practice as I am used to. I’m uncomfortable driving, walking and sitting. Trying to remain active on any level is a challenge. I had tried physical therapy, over the counter medication, and cortisone injections with no relief or results.

Results after Adjustments at Champion Health: I am now able to resume my own Yoga practice as well as teach. I couldn’t be happier because doing Yoga enriches my life. I feel far more comfortable and am able to take walks and drives as I used to before I began having back pain. Getting adjusted regularly has had such a positive affect on my life mentally and physically. “This has been a tremendous positive change in my life!”*

– 4 Dec 2012 Posted by: Gina

I can play baseball with my son!

Major Complaint: I had a previous history of lower back pain and had to have surgery on my back which required physical therapy/rehab.

Affects on Quality of Life: After surgery everything seemed impossible. I couldn’t wok, drive, sit or stand for long periods of time. I was unable to concentrate and function in general. Worst of all, I was unable to play sports with my son.

Results after Chiropractic Adjustments at Champion Health: Dr. Karyn & Dennis devised workouts that would ease me back into my daily life. As time went on and I got stronger we were able to incorporate exercise that helped me to be more active physically. Between the physical therapy and chiropractic adjustments I’m back to doing the things I love. I’m happier and certainly healthier. I can do my job & all that my life requires, but most of all, “I can play baseball with my son!”*

– 25 Oct 2012 Posted by: Scott

There is no need for medications anymore!

Major Complaint: I was suffering from pain in various places such as my neck, arm, shoulder, lower back, knee and hip.

Affects on Quality of Life: I was living on a lot of over the counter anti-inflammatory medications and at times I had to take muscle relaxants. None of it worked and I didn’t want to have to take medication every day. It was becoming impossible to sleep, sit and work. I take care of two horses every day and the pain was getting in the way of that as well as my workouts at CrossFit.

Results after Spinal Decompression & Chiropractic Adjustments at Champion Health: My body feels great! I no longer have the nagging achy pain that I suffered from every day. I’m back to doing the things I love like taking care of my horses and working out. I have less stiffness in general and can finally sleep in any position! I am feeling great and look forward to feeling this way or better with continued treatment and adjustments. “There is no need for medications anymore!”*

– 20 Nov 2012 Posted by: Lynne

Today…I feel incredible

Major Complaint: Severe lower back and hip pain caused by herniated and bulging discs.

Affects on Quality of Life: I HAD BEEN IN CONSTANT PAIN FOR TWO YEARS STRAIGHT. I tried epidurals, cortisone injections, acupuncture, and over the counter medications. I even saw another chiropractor; the two second adjustment he gave was far from helpful, in fact nothing was helping. Not only was this pain affecting my ability to work, it was also getting in the way of the things I love to do like running and horse back riding.

Results after Chiropractic Adjustments/Spinal Decompression at Champion Health: I saw your sign for Spinal Decompression after being in pain for the long I decided that I’d give it a shot. After the second and third adjustment I had no pain whatsoever. I began to slowly get back into being more physical, and by the fifteenth visit, I started riding my horses again! In fact I just ran again for the first time since I hurt myself and…. “Today, I feel incredible!”*

– 21 Nov 2012 Posted by: Rich

I’ve thanked the doctors a million times!

Major Complaint: Hypothyroid, Weight gain, Low energy, High cholesterol, and Low Vitamin D. Affects on Quality of Life: I didn’t want to take a bunch of prescription medications. I saw first hand how they did not help my mother. I wanted to try something natural.

Results after Chiropractic Adjustments at Champion Health: After consulting with Dr. Karyn and Dr. Dennis, I began taking Ultrameal 360 plus, Thyrosol, Energenics, Vitamin D and Glucosamine. Within two months* I began to see and feel the positive benefits of proper nutrition and supplements. I have lost a total of 35lbs now*!! My bloodwork for cholesterol, thyroid, and Vitamin D levels showed steady progress and are now within normal range. I have more energy, exercise regularly and feel better overall. All without the use of the drugs that my other Drs. tried to push on me. The Drs. at Champion Health gave me all the support I needed! “Needless to say, I’ve thanked them a million times!”*

– 8 Sep 2011 Posted by: Neda

I am grateful to Dr. Marshall

Dr. Marshall has been able to adjust my body in ways which almost magically corrected imbalances. I am a strong 65 year old and look forward to competing nationally and internationally until I choose to stop. How great is that! I am grateful to Dr. Marshall for being a part of my extraordinary physical experience!*

– 17 Apr 2012 Posted by: Jan

I have my health, strength, and life back!

Major Complaint: Degenerative Disc Disease, Scoliosis, and Sciatic Pain

Affects on Quality of Life: I came into the office in severe pain, unable to stand up straight, sleep, eat or perform regular activities. I had already had two epidural injections but the pain was persistent and never went away. It was affecting my work as well as my personal life. Other doctors wanted to push medications on me and that was something that I definitely did not want to do. I chose Champion Health to help my body heal naturally.

Results after Chiropractic Adjustments and Spinal Decompression: Once Dr. Dennis and Dr. Karyn found the actual problem we immediately started a program of care consisting of regular adjustments and Spinal Decompression. I came in three times a week every week. Within three weeks* I began to feel so much better. My pain decreased significantly. I had more energy and was finally able to eat and sleep again! Everything got better and my life has since gone back to normal. “Thanks to Dr. Dennis and Dr. Karyn, I have my health, strength and life back!”*

– 14 Oct 2011 Posted by: Rich

The results speak for themselves

Major Complaint: Irregular blood sugar levels causing energy spikes and drops.

Affects on Quality of Life: As a 1st grade teacher, I need to have an endless supply of energy. Each day, after lunch I would suffer from a major afternoon crash. On non school days, I would be fine one minute, and then feel weak and shaky. Even my workouts became difficult to get through. I needed to find out how I could stabilize my blood sugar and get through my day.

Results after Chiropractic Adjustments at Champion Health: Dr. Karyn and Dr. Dennis quickly assessed what and when I was eating, helping me to realize that while I thought I had a pretty healthy diet; some of my “healthier” choices were unnatural to the body and contain ingredients that cause blood sugar levels to fluctuate. Together we established a meal plan along with supplements and chiropractic care that together help my body work in the best way possible. Gone are the sleepy afternoons, shakiness, weakness and occasional lower back pain. I now have the energy to power through my busy day with some to spare! I am so thankful to Dr. Karyn and Dr. Dennis for all they have done to help get me on the right track to a healthier life!! “I am stronger and more confident! The results speak for themselves!!”*

– 15 Nov 2011 Posted by: Mallory C.

Lumbar Spinal Decompression

Major Complaint: Low Back Pain Affects on Quality of Life: I came to Champion Health experiencing low back pain that went down my legs. I was not able to play golf. I had to take “baby steps” to get around. Each step was a problem.

Results after Chiropractic Adjustments, Spinal Decompression, and Physical Rehab at Champion Health: Champion Health was the first to give me lasting relief. I went to other DC’s and they were just ok. Dr. Karyn and Dr. Dennis brought me to a place I was 5 years ago!! I am able to do things normally and without pain.*

– Tom P.

Pinched Nerve in Neck and Asthma

Major Complaint: I have been a patient on and off at Champion Health since the year 2000. The doctors have always been able to help my asthma but I decided to start getting adjusted again because I knew they could help me with the pain in my neck. I learned from Dr. Dennis that I have a pinched nerve and degeneration in my neck.

Affects on Quality of Life: The pain in my neck made it hard for me to work. It was painful to type and I wasn’t sleeping well because of the pain. I started to take NSAIDs but I felt guilty by not addressing the issue head on. I knew the doctors at Champion would do just that.

Results after Chiropractic Adjustments at Champion Health: I cannot believe the amount of improvement I’ve experienced in the short time that I’ve been back at Champion. Within just 2 visits my neck pain and breathing improved. I’m sleeping better, I don’t experience the intense pain I was feeling at work anymore, and I’ve stopped taking NSAIDs!*

“I just love them!”

– Peggy D.

Within 3 weeks the pain was gone!*

Major Complaint: Neck Pain

Affects on Quality of Life: I am a very active teacher and when my upper back and neck pain became so bad that I couldn’t turn my head, I turned to Dr. Karyn and Dr. Dennis.

Results after Chiropractic Adjustments at Champion Health: They were very thorough and even though I had previous chiropractic care, Dr. Dennis and Dr. Karyn explained everything and worked out a plan to help me move my neck again. Within 3 weeks*, the pain was GONE. I have been pain free since and really enjoy coming in regularly to continue my chiropractic care.*

– Carol B.

Cervical Spinal Decompression

Major Complaint: Bulging and Herniated Disc in my neck with pain radiating into my left shoulder, arm, hand and fingers.

Affects on Quality of Life: I was a mess when I walked in the door. I couldn’t sit, stand, drive or work without pain. After an MRI, I was diagnosed with two bulging and herniated discs in my neck which sent pain down my shoulder and arm.

Results after Chiropractic and Spinal Decompression at Champion Health: A year later, I’m 99.9% cured and able to do just about everything. Dr. Dennis and Dr. Karyn kept me focused. The relief I felt after each treatment kept me coming back. The doctors and staff have always made it a pleasurable experience.*

– Barbara B.

I’m stronger than I’ve ever been!

Major Complaint: Neck, Upper Back, and Shoulder Pain

Affects on Quality of Life: Working out has always been a big part of my life. When I began to feel pain in my shoulders, neck, and upper back it was much harder for me to get through my workouts. I felt weak and could not lift as much weight as I could previous to the onset of pain. My abilities to complete household chores were even compromised.

Results after Chiropractic Adjustments, Spinal Decompression, and Physical Rehab at Champion Health: Chiropractic Adjustments and Spinal Decompression have decreased the pain in my neck, shoulders, arm, and upper back. My workouts have improved and I’m stronger than I’ve ever been. The knowledge Dr. Karyn and Dr. Dennis gave me on stretching and supplements have helped me more than they can imagine!*

– Jenna K.

Neck Pain and Headaches

Major Complaint: Over the past year I have experienced debilitating headaches and severe pain in my neck. I had been under the care of another chiropractor but wasn’t experiencing relief. My friend Val recommended Dr. Cronk and Dr. Marshall to me and I’m so happy she did.

Affects on Quality of Life: My life was turned upside down by my headaches and neck pain. Keeping up with my students was difficult because I wasn’t getting quality sleep. Standing for long periods of time teaching started to become very difficult due to the pain as well. Some days my headaches were so bad that I couldn’t even make it into work.

Results after Chiropractic Adjustments and Cervical Decompression Treatment at Champion Health: I started getting adjusted three times per week, and by the end of that first week I saw an improvement. I started receiving Cervical Decompression treatment as well which made a world of difference. I loved that the doctors took time to sit down with me and give me diet, exercise, and posture recommendations as well. Their care and guidance has not only helped ease the complaints I came in with, but has also helped me become a more healthy person overall. I’m able to keep up with my students and I’m not missing work anymore!*

– Molly M.

Nothing is holding me back now!

Major Complaint: Lower back pain caused by playing football.

Affects on Quality of Life: I’m a High School football player with hopes of going to college on a football scholarship. I was constantly feeling pain whenever I played football and the pain was jeopardizing to my future. I wanted to excel and play at my highest level but this pain was preventing me from being and playing my best.

Results after Chiropractic Adjustments & Spinal Decompression at Champion Health: I’m now feeling 100% better! I have no pain at all and I don’t even think about it anymore. I’m especially happy that I didn’t have to stop playing football. I can now pursue my dream of playing at a college level, and possibly getting that football scholarship I’ve been hoping for. I come every week now to maintain my health so that I can keep heading in the right direction. “Nothing is holding me back now!”*

– 11 Dec 2012 Posted by: Travis

My hip pain was GONE!

I could not walk up stairs without pain; I was limping, and would wake up during the night in pain. BELIEVE IT OR NOT, my hip pain was GONE in one week with chiropractic adjustments!*
– 17 Apr 2012 Posted by: Celeste Location: Red Bank

* results may vary per individual

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