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Knowing firsthand the demands that a sport puts on the athlete gives us a unique perspective for keeping the body at peak condition.

How do you define the term CrossFitter?

Dr. Karyn Marshall: CrossFitters do CrossFit and so what I want to define is what is CrossFit. CrossFit is a way of training and working out that involves high intensity, functional movements that are constantly varied. We do a wide variety of exercises and workouts that include gymnastics, weight lifting, running, rowing, calisthenics, body weight exercises, a whole gamut of exercises that increase our work capacity and our fitness over a wide range of activities.

What makes the CrossFit athlete unique from other athletes?

Dr. Karyn Marshall: Well, for one I would say that it’s the way we work out and how we work out would be the second. The way we work out, like I said, very high intensity. We’re using our whole body and we’re constantly changing the way we work out. That is allowing our bodies to experience a wide variety of challenges that just make us fitter and better. We work out in a group environment with coaches so it’s a very social community and we push each other and encourage each other and that is very motivating and very exciting and it creates really great bonds with people with shared interests.

Are there certain areas of the body that are more prone to injury in CrossFitters?

Dr. Karyn Marshall: Well, CrossFitters are athletes. Athletes who work out intensely – their body can break down and they can get injured. I don’t know that it’s any more or less than other sports. The big thing about CrossFit is how much we focus on injury prevention and technique but injuries happen. As a result of that we’re putting stress on our bodies and despite all our best efforts sometimes the body breaks down and gets injured. Injuries that we’ve seen over the years … I’ve been a CrossFitter for six years now. We’ve seen shoulder injuries, wrist injuries, lower back, neck injuries, knee injuries very similar to what I see in other sports.

Do you educate CrossFitters on the importance of injury prevention?

Dr. Karyn Marshall: Absolutely. That’s critical. It’s learning how to take care of your body so that you can put the demands on it that you want to get the performance that you want and to get better and stronger and enjoy the workout. That’s part of what we do as chiropractors who see a lot of CrossFit athletes is teaching them how to keep their body in good balance, good alignment, symmetrical muscle development, how to stretch and warm up and mobilize and take care of their bodies so they can get the most out of their bodies.

How does being a CrossFit athlete yourself help you treat other CrossFit athletes?

Dr. Karyn Marshall: Well, Dr. Dennis and I have both been CrossFitters for six years now. Prior to that, we’ve been involved in different sports. Myself, I’ve been involved in the sport of Olympic-style weight lifting for 35 plus years. He’s an avid golfer. Knowing the demands that any sport puts on the athlete personally and going through it myself I know what injuries happen. I know what demands are required. I know what is needed to keep your body at peak condition not just as book knowledge and education in school but first-hand experience by doing the workouts myself.

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