Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is the pain, burning or tingling in the wrist caused by pressure put on the nerves in the carpal tunnel. Chiropractors can adjust the neck and upper spine to release pressure on the nerves as well as apply soft tissue treatments directly to the parts of the wrist to help relieve pain.

What is carpal tunnel syndrome, and what are some of the causes of it?

Dr. Dennis Cronk: Well, the classic picture of what carpal tunnel syndrome might be for a regular person may be pain in the wrist, that could be burning, aching, or creating weakness, and difficulty lifting things up. So basically, for the normal person, if they have pain in their wrist, or numbness, and tingling in the hands, the first thing they may think of is carpal tunnel.

What are some signs and symptoms, other than the tingling, of carpal tunnel?

Dr. Dennis Cronk: Well, that is a good question because in the old days it would be as I just mentioned before, some weakness, the pain, or numbness in the hands, that presumably may be caused by the wrist. But what they are finding out today is that the nerve that passes through the wrist is also an extension of the spinal cord. So many problems that may be occurring in the neck can either cause or directly impact the primary cause of carpal tunnel in the wrist.

So, it is really a combination evaluation of looking at the neck, and the health of the cervical spine as it relates to the wrist as well.

How do you know the difference between carpal tunnel, arthritis, and tendonitis?

Dr. Dennis Cronk: That is a great question because through the carpal tunnel, which is a small avenue through the wrist that is supported by the bones, and tendons, and muscles, what I typically tell my patients is that everything can contribute to pressure on a nerve.

So it’s not just the bones, it’s not just the muscles, it’s not just the nerves, it’s how everything works together. To know the difference would be to put a patient through some tests where you can isolate the bones themselves, or the muscles, and the tendons to find out if they are directly or indirectly causing the pain in the wrist.

Are there nonsurgical treatments available to help correct carpal tunnel syndrome?

Dr. Dennis Cronk: As a chiropractor, we don’t do surgeries. So yes, there are nonsurgical treatments available, and primarily it is creating more motion, and range of movement within the wrist itself. Also, evaluating any contribution the neck and degenerative conditions of the neck, that may be putting pressure on the median nerve or the nerve that comes out, that contributes to the median nerve in the wrist.

People can also do soft tissue treatments, that will also work on the other parts of the wrist, that take pressure off the nerve, and help them relieve pain, and restore normal activities of life.

How can the treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome also benefit a patient’s overall health and wellness?

Dr. Dennis Cronk: Well, the natural alternative treatment for carpal tunnel can help a patient decrease the terrible pain, and discomfort, and numbness, and all the other signs, and symptoms, that are affecting this person’s daily life. So, by decreasing that pain, restoring normal function and range of motion of their body parts, we can help that patient return to a normal healthy life.

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