Chiropractic for Pregnant Women

Pregnant women can benefit from chiropractic care by having their spine and pelvis adjusted to take pressure off the nerves, allowing for a stress-free and healthier environment for the baby to thrive in.

In what ways can pregnant women benefit from chiropractic care?

Dr. Dennis Cronk: Well, pregnant women can benefit from chiropractic care by aligning the spine and pelvis and ensuring a healthy atmosphere for the baby to develop and position itself as it begins the process of being born. Straight off the bat, when women are pregnant, they increase the weight, which puts pressure on the spine and the pelvis, throwing it out of alignment. Getting adjusted can relieve those musculoskeletal conditions, as well as ensure the nerves are working stress-free to allow a healthy environment for the baby and mother.

How safe are chiropractic treatments for mom and for baby?

Dr. Dennis Cronk: Very safe. There are no contraindications and all chiropractors are trained in chiropractor school, had to deal with and provide safe and effective care for pregnant women.

Is it the weight gain that causes expecting moms to get more back pain?

Dr. Dennis Cronk: Obviously, yes. The weight gain is one of those more obvious causes of misalignment in the pelvis and the spine. As you can imagine, with the pregnancy, there are also other conditions or other physiological processes that are going on to ensure a healthy environment for mom and baby. That would include most importantly, the hormones, and how they affect the growth of the baby and the mother’s reception towards producing that baby.

What chiropractic techniques are used on pregnant women?

Dr. Dennis Cronk: I try not to focus on named techniques, but anything that ensures the safety and comfort of the mother and baby and gets the direct results that patients are looking for. However, there is one doctor that did a lot of work with pregnant women and his name is Dr. Larry Webster. He developed the Webster Technique that helps as much as 85% of the babies that may be in a breech position. There’s a lot of history with chiropractic and pregnant women.

Can chiropractic care help with the positioning of the baby and decrease the overall delivery time?

Dr. Dennis Cronk: Absolutely. As I just mentioned, Dr. Larry Webster has demonstrated that through his years of study and experience in dealing with pregnant women. Also, while getting adjusted whether you are pregnant or not, it develops a healthy environment for the body to function and react to its environment. That is even more so important when a mother is having a baby.

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