Lose Inches – Strawberry LipoLaser Results – Dr. Karyn Marshall & Dr. Dennis Cronk

Strawberry LipoLaser is an inch loss, fat loss, body contouring system that we’re getting tremendous results with! The technology targets body parts such as legs, butt, belly, love handles, arms and other specific areas.

 How does the Strawberry Laser work?

Dr. Karyn Marshall: The Strawberry LipoLaser is an exciting new technology that we’ve had in our office for about two years now.  The LipoLaser is a cold red laser that is FDA cleared. The laser penetrates the skin and actually goes into the fat cells and makes them more porous. The contents of the fat actually pour out of the cell into the surrounding tissue making the fat cell go from the size of let’s say for example, a grape into shrinking it into a raisin. Then that fat is in the surrounding tissues and it gets naturally flushed out of the body through water and exercise. You’re losing inches. It’s an inch loss, fat loss, body contouring system that we’re getting tremendous results with.

What can a patient expect if they opt for Strawberry LipoLaser treatments? What does it feel like and how long is each session?

Dr. Dennis Cronk: It’s really an exciting treatment that most people don’t know what to expect when they come in here. When the procedure is finished, the excitement and the expectations of what actually happened is remarkable. They do get weighed before. They do get measured before and after the treatment. While they go through the treatment, Jen our technician, takes them through what they’re actually eating and dieting and exercising. What they’ve tried in the past, what frustrations they’ll dealt with. This is all the better to gauge their expectation, also their commitment to what they’re willing to follow through with. It’s a tremendous technology that helps to target specific body parts whether they be the legs, the butt, or the belly, or the love handles, or even under the arms, that’s very specific. We get great results with it.

Can you see results immediately after a treatment?

Dr. Karyn Marshall: Absolutely. We say you can lose inches every visit. However, what we do is people will do a protocol of a number of visits, usually about eight visits over the course of four weeks. You will see noticeable results in three to four weeks where people have lost one or two pant sizes or they’re fitting into clothes that they hadn’t fit into before. Belt buckles, several loops can be lost. People can lose noticeable results. You will notice inches lost each time.

Are most people candidates for Strawberry LipoLaser?

Dr. Dennis Cronk: Yes, for anyone that is looking to lose inches. We try not to say to lose weight because that’s a further commitment on a client to dedicate themselves to diet and exercise. For most people that come in, except for obvious conditions whether they may be pregnant or have infections over the area that they may be treated for – they are a candidate for treatment.

Dr. Karyn Marshall: You have to be over eighteen. That’s about the only other limitation.

Is there protocol for patients to make sure they maintain the benefits?

Dr. Karyn Marshall: Absolutely. Like with any type of an inch loss or weight loss program, whether you do liposuction surgery or you do gastric bypass or you do it all through diet and exercise, or any other form of inch loss, weight loss, fat loss –  it is incumbent on you to maintain the results that you’ve gotten. This should be a kick-start or a reminder that in order to maintain the results that you have, maintaining a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise will allow you to keep those results for as long as you maintain that.

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