Tips to Get Through Cold and Flu Season

Champion Chiropractic offers tips on how to get through the cold and flu season by boosting the immune system with proper rest, exercise, fluids, nutrition and a chiropractic adjustment.

What should we be doing to prepare our bodies for cold and flu season?

Dr. Karyn Marshall: Well that’s a great question, Liz. I think that, to put it as simply as possible, we should be focusing on health so that we have a healthy immune system because that is the best way to avoid ever getting the cold or flu. How do you do that? Through proper diet, through proper exercise, adequate rest, and one of the best ways I know to boost your immune response is through the chiropractic adjustment. Studies have shown that the chiropractic adjustment actually boosts the Killer T cells which helps your body fight off invaders.

Is the number one rule of cold and flu season still to wash your hands?

Dr. Karyn Marshall: Well, I know that’s very popular advice. However, I think that we’re coming around to understand that we are not in a sterile environment so we can’t keep ourselves sterile. Washing our hands, while maybe if we were just exposed to someone who just sneezed all over us might help to get rid of some of those germs, those germs are around us everywhere we go. Trying to create, what’s been all over the news lately, is the FDA just banned anti-bacterial soaps because they’re not effective. They actually may be causing harm. They’re linked to the growth of the drug resistant bacteria.

We’re finding out that trying to keep kids indoors in these sterile environments are creating kids with weakened immune systems. Those that play outdoors, that are exposed to the elements, that are exposed to dirt actually that challenges their immune system and creates a healthier immune system. I think rather than trying to fight off the outside, because we’re never going to be able to do that, we want to build up the inside by building up a strong immune system. I would say the number one rule is to have a healthy immune system.

How important is drinking enough fluid when we have a cold?

Dr. Karyn Marshall: Well, we obviously want to flush out all of whatever we have that’s going on, whether the extra immune response, the bacteria, we want to stay hydrated to help ward off those opportunistic infections that happen when your body is not at optimal health and being dehydrated is another thing that will lower your immune response.

What are some natural remedies and alternatives to cough syrup or cold medicine?

Dr. Karyn Marshall: Again, you want to focus on the immune boosters. Probiotics, so that you can help to boost up the healthy bacteria that’s in your body, fish oil, vitamin C, vitamin D, a good quality multi-vitamin and mineral. All things that help your body to fight off the infection that you’re fighting with the cold and flu. A great thing for a cough, when you have it, is actually to take a tablespoon of honey. The honey is, no bacteria can grow in honey so if you coat your throat with it, it actually sucks up that bacteria and helps to fight it as a natural cold or cough syrup.

Are there any other tips you can provide to help people get through cold and flu season?

Dr. Karyn Marshall: I would just reiterate, get adequate rest. For most people they’re not getting enough rest in the busy world that we’re in, but 8 to 9 hours of sleep a night. Make sure that you have a good healthy diet high in fruits and vegetables, good antioxidants, good immune boosters. Take supplements as I described before. Get adjusted. The chiropractic adjustment boosts the immune system and the immune response. Studies have shown that. Get enough exercise. Get the body going and moving and that in itself is another natural immune booster.

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