Wellness for All Ages

Topic: Wellness for All Ages

Chiropractic care helps people of all ages achieve overall wellness and helps to recover faster from injuries.

What are some ways that chiropractors can help newborns and Infants?

Dr. Dennis Cronk: Newborns are subjected to at least a hundred pounds of pulling pressure on the neck in a normal delivery. Nerve irritation in this area can cause problems with the ears, the lungs, the stomach and neck issues. Conditions like ear infections, asthma, infantile colic and torticollis. These are normal medical conditions that are very common in infants due to birthing process.

We have seen over the years,  a chiropractor can help in a great way and not only with these conditions but in an infant’s or baby’s general well-being.

What are some childhood conditions or issues that chiropractic care can help with?

Dr. Dennis Cronk:  Providing chiropractic care to babies and infants is a great way to help them normalize the spine and nervous system response to help with many of the common conditions that babies may deal with. For example, ear infections are common with babies and by adjusting the spine in a gentle way, they can relieve the pressure in the ears and allow the ears to drain out. Infantile colic is a common condition where by adjusting the baby in a gentle way again, the nerves can normalize and the baby can get a good night sleep without any stomach irritations.

Through adjustments and proper evaluation of an infant, we could very well help their general well-being and health for both mom and baby.

Accidents happen, how does chiropractic care help people of all ages recover faster from injuries?

Dr. Dennis Cronk: When accidents happen, there could be a physical force that shifts bones of the spine and the skeletal structure out of alignment. Chiropractic adjustments help restore normal alignment throughout the body and bones that influence nerve supply that control the healing in the body. If nerve irritation is reduced, the body is going to work better, the person is going to feel better.

Let’s talk about the elderly. How do elderly patients benefit from chiropractic care?

Dr. Dennis Cronk: As I mentioned before for babies and infants, like any patients young or old, chiropractic adjustments normalize the nervous system to restore normal body function. Any age, anyone, benefits from chiropractic adjustments to restore normal nerve function and body health.

Do you work with patients to develop individualized plans to help them achieve overall wellness?

Dr. Dennis Cronk: Of course we do. We focus on health issues that deal with the nerve supply which is the evaluation of the spine, nutrition, rest, exercise and mental health. Different patients may require more attention in different areas here.

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