Who We Are at Champion Chiropractic – Dr. Karyn Marshall & Dr. Dennis Cronk

Dr. Karyn Marshall and Dr. Dennis Cronk share their unique backgrounds and experiences and they discuss how it enables them to provide stellar care for their patients at Champion Chiropractic. Their personal experiences and accomplishments in various athletics complements their professional training in healthcare.


Please tell us a little about your background and experience.

Dr. Karyn Marshall: We’ve been here at Champion Chiropractics for – it will be our twenty-second year next month. We started out, we’re a family practice, and we see patients of all types. Because of my athletic background and Dr. Dennis’ athletic background, we see a lot of athletes of all levels. As most people today have very healthy, active lifestyles, I think an athletic lifestyle is becoming more and more the norm for most families so that’s a big part of our practice.

My background, as you said, I’m a doctor of chiropractic. I have my registered nurse degree. We stay current with all the latest technology and the latest state-of-the-art studies as far as continuing education. We’re very hands-on and we’re very individualized and we love to take care of families.

Dr. Dennis Cronk: My interest in chiropractic stems from my interest in wanting to help people anywhere and being able to do that with my hands through chiropractic adjustment. This has enabled us to be involved in people’s health lives for the past twenty-two years in a healthy and natural way. It’s really a wonderful thing to see people respond to chiropractic care and that’s what keeps us going on a daily basis.

What personal experiences do you attribute to making your practice and treatments unique?

Dr. Karyn Marshall: I would have to say, for myself, my athletic background has given me the best education for being a chiropractor. I’ve been involved in sports my entire life. I had the opportunity to be one of the first woman to be involved in the sport of Olympic style weight lifting and that is now over thirty years. Thirty-plus years ago. As a result of that, I was a world champion, world record holder, strongest woman in the world and that gave me a tremendous education.

The hard work that took a lot of training – as a result of that, I learned so much about the body and combined that with being a registered nurse and a chiropractor, I had both the book knowledge as well as the hands-on experience to be able to take care of any kind of athletic injury. As I tell my patients, I’ve either had the injury myself or I’ve seen the injury before and as a result of that, we really know our athletes well in terms of the types of injuries and struggles that they go through. Also in terms of performance enhancement because that’s one of the best things for athletes –  is not just coming in here when you’re injured but to come in here just to feel better and to improve performance, to help with recovery and to help them perform at their peak.

Dr. Dennis Cronk: For myself, I’ve always been interested in healthcare field and seeing the connection between focusing on health and seeing how that helps determine a person’s ability to function in their life. I’ve always been interested in dealing with work with my hands. My dad was an iron worker. I became a boxer at college – not that that helped a lot of people. But those experiences, then the more research I did with chiropractic care, it became a natural fit in a way to see how people can literally take care of their body’s health in sickness and in health through chiropractic adjustments first, medicine second and drugs and surgery last. Through that process, we’ve been able to help a lot of people avoid needless medications and surgeries in a way that produced positive effects on their life.

What type of treatments and services do you provide at Champion Chiropractic?

Dr. Dennis Cronk: We try to focus on the way chiropractic started and that was evaluating the alignment and range of motion of the spine. We do postural analysis on everyone. We do a hands-exam of feeling the range of motion of the spine as well as muscle tone. We also do x-ray analysis to effectively judge the wear and tear on the spine and different phases that it might contribute towards number one – effecting the structure of the spine and number two – effecting the physiology of the way the nervous system connects with the body. The services that we do provide range from everything that helps to keep the spine in alignment and functioning properly from a chiropractic hands-on adjustment to muscle work, KT tape or Kinesio tape to spinal decompression which all combined together, help to keep the spine aligned and pain free, as well as nutritional supplements that help not only to add to a healthy atmosphere for better health in a spine but also related to different symptoms that may be causing people discomfort.

Dr. Marshall, how are you involved with the Women’s Conference in Long Branch, New Jersey?

Dr. Karyn Marshall: This is an exciting, newly formed female led organization whose mission is to strengthen the health and wellness of communities within New Jersey. It’s called the WEforum and it’s a women’s health and wellness conference that will be held on April 20th. It’s an all day conference. They’ll have terrific speakers from all different health fields as well as vendors and it should be an exciting event that we’re happy to be a part of.


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