Managing Burnout

Burnout has been officially classified by the World Health Organization as a syndrome resulting from unmanaged workplace stress. It calls burnout “an occupational phenomenon.” Does endless emails, a demanding boss and a bottomless to-do list leave you feeling stressed and…
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Tips to Get Through Cold and Flu Season

Champion Chiropractic offers tips on how to get through the cold and flu season by boosting the immune system with proper rest, exercise, fluids, nutrition and a chiropractic adjustment. What should we be doing to prepare our bodies for cold…
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Understanding Sports Recovery

Sports recovery is critical in an athlete’s overall performance. It involves many different aspects to improve an athlete’s performance. Recovery involves everything that an athlete does outside of the workout – what they’re eating, what they’re drinking, how much rest…
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Comprehensive Wellness Programs For All

A comprehensive wellness program at Champion Chiropractic includes elements of health. As chiropractors, we focus on health to restore normal function in the body and reduce illness and disease. Chiropractic adjustments help the nerve supply and the body function. We…
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